I am the lead developer on Agora a free and student-driven event platform for Cambridge. Since we launched in early 2014 over 30k students have joined. We have since expanded by building a platform for collecting all NHS events in on place on

If you have a passion for for connecting people and like the idea of using Django and Reactjs to create something amazing get in touch, we're looking for more people to join our team.

Court booking system

During my undergrad I wrote a sport court booking system which is currently in use by Trinity College, Cambridge. The source code is freely available on Github.

Smaller projects

Below are a few highlights smaller projects I have worked on and released the code on github. Check out all my repositories on Github for a more detailed overview of what I'ved worked on.

Fortran namelist parsing in Python

While working with the atmospheric simulation models ATHAM and ECHAM during my PhD I needed to be able easily modify Fortran namelist files, for which I wrote a python module which is available on Github.

Tephigrams in Python

A python module for creating tephigrams of atmospheric soundings which aid analysis of the given atmospheric state. Available on Github.

Vim plugins

I wrote a plugin to toggle spellcheck with F5 (like in Word)